And on the morning of the 21st of June, 1621, while drums rolled incessantly to drown any sound of protest, twenty-seven of the foremost citizens of Prague were executed in the marketplace. Three were hanged, the rest beheaded. Before the head of  Dr. Jessenius, the Rector of the University, was struck off, his tongue was cut out of his mouth.

Their property, as well as that of the many who had fled, was declared forfeit, and more than six hundred estates fell to the Crown. The old Bohemian nobility, with all that it represented of culture and national institutions, was wiped out as from a slate...   The expulsion of all Protestants was finally decreed in 1626, and it is said that 30,000 families emigrated. They were replaced for the most part by Catholics brought in from Germany.


Jana Sterbak
, Czechoslovakia/Canada

Tongue, supplementary note in english

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