China-June 1989

China - June 1989
, Group Exhibition, 1989-1990

Organized by the Asian American Arts Centre
New York

The exhibition CHINA – June 4, 1989, was organized immediately following the events of Tiananmen Square. Approximately two hundred artists came together to express their horror with their works. One hundred and seventy doors, on which the works were hung, the doors connected to form two large spirals structure, showing the interconnectedness of the artists, who came from around the globe.  From June 9th to Sept 30th the pieces were exhibited at the centre, but then travelled to the Blum Helman gallery in October, where larger pieces were displayed. After a brief return to the centre, it was displayed at the PS1 Museum of April to June 1990.

In June 1990, a small exhibit was selected to join with an exhibition of Hong Kong artists to become the Tiananmen Memorial Art Exhibition in Washington, D.C. The artists were outraged to find that the U.S. Senate’s Ethics Committee blocked the display of three of the pieces. In protest, these pieces were displayed, along with works by other Hong Kong artists, at an exhibition during the G-7 Financial Leaders Summit in July 1990.


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