Gare dèrriere!!!

Gare dèrriere!!!!

Bibliothèque National, Cabinet des Estampes, Paris

Eugène Delacroix (1798 - 1863) France

Known as the foremost French Romantic painter of the period, and particularly famed for his work Liberty Leading the People, Delacroix was also a prolific satirist and cartoonist.  

He was engaged in political life and involved in the Paris Commune with Daumier, who, like him, tackled the issue of censorship. Here Delacroix warns of the dangers of the censorship committee and their irrational fears. While the caricatured policeman hacks away at the ground, Delacroix cries, “Watch your rear!!!!” To him the true danger lies in the disbanded censorship committee who are hiding behind the mound.

Is this cartoon a more powerful vehicle of social critique than Liberty Leading the People, being as it meant to facilitate real change in society, rather than to celebrate a past triumph?



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