Echoes After the Storm

Poster for Echoes After the Storm

Group Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada 1991
by the Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement
and Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in Canada

Vancouver has a large Chinese community who, galvanized by the images of Tiananmen Square, sought to both honour the victims and carry on their message.

In January 1991, Echoes After the Storm combined pieces from a large body of work, which responded to the events.

The exhibition included artists from Vancouver, New York and Hong Kong. Several of the pieces had previously been exhibited in an August 1989 Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement exhibition, or the Tiananmen Memorial Art Exhibition of Washington D.C. .

Echoes After the Storm included three of the works the US Senate’s  Committee on Ethics banned from the Washington exhibition, including a piece thirteen portraits of Mao Zedong -- The Last Banquet.



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