Never Again War!

Never Again War! (1923-24)

Charcoal on gray paper
H.65 X W.50cm

Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945) Germany

Not only is Kollwitz one of the first female artists to be recognized in the early twentieth century, she is the first to take up the mantle of social critique.

Living amongst the poor in Berlin with her husband, a physician, Kollwitz cared for the ill and suffering she saw around her. Her early works sympathized with the massacred peasants of the 16th century Peasants’ War and also dealt with the theme of the mother and child, often with mothers barely able to nourish or care for their children. She also empathized with workers in revolt.

Kollwitz was deeply troubled by the outbreak of the First World War. Her two sons volunteered for army service. The younger, Peter died in Belgium. A strong anti-war sentiment is present in her work after his death and shows a humanistic compassion for those affected by its atrocities.


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