Man at the Crossroad

Man at the Crossroad
, 1933

Fresco in the Rockefeller Center, New York
This picture was taken before the mural was destroyed.

Detailed view of Lenin

Diego Rivera (1886-1957), Mexico

The Mexican muralist was a fervent communist; he was a friend with the Communist leader Trotsky.

After his early years pursuing cubist painting in Paris. Rivera became involved with the Mexican mural movement. After a long relationship with the Rockefeller family, he was commissioned in 1931 to paint a mural for Rockefeller Center, to be entitled Man at the Crossroads.

Rockefeller appeared to inspect the mural as it was nearing its completion and saw the face of Lenin, which had not featured in any of the plans. Rivera refused Rockefeller’s request to remove the figure, which had received a lot of press coverage. In a move, which stunned Rivera, he was ordered to leave the building and the mural was destroyed.

Rivera displayed his defiance to the influence of money and power by creating an exact replica of the mural in Mexico City’s Palacio de Bellas Artes.



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