March to support the AIDS campaign

March to support the AIDS campaign, 1988

Mixed techniques
H.136 X W.200cm

Chéri Samba     (1956 -    )    D.R. of Congo

AIDS has become the most frightening pandemic in human history; its scale and tenacity is violent and pernicious. What began as a small outbreak in Africa in the 1970s became monstrous in the 80s when the disease swept worldwide. Besides governmental policies in response to the disease, many Western artists and activists responded to raise people’s consciousness about this global disease.

Cheri Samba grew up in Zaire and began painting at a young age. While painting is not part of the tradition of African art, Samba introduced the brush to raise social conscious. He uses mixed media, combining visual imagery and writing, to comment on social life, customs, conflict and other issues of relevance. It is therefore not surprising that he participates in the AIDS campaign through his work. But can art alone stop AIDS, or does it rely on every citizen’s awareness and action to tackle this global disease?


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