Bandits Cave

Bandits Cave
, 1920

Etching on wove paper
H.17.46 X W.12.38cm
Gift to Goya to Beijing project

John Sloan (1871-1951), America

Crosses the Atlantic Ocean,  life in America.

Sloan became one of the artist-reporters who, before the widespread use of photography, was sent out to illustrate news stories. 

His work shows a desire to see beauty in the everyday and common and his early pieces depict gritty scenes of city life.  He often observed his neighbors in New York City and also took great interest in the downtrodden and the poor.

Despite his desire to continue in the tradition of Daumier and Hogarth, Sloan shied away from direct social critique, focusing more on reflecting on the situations he saw. Here he considers how readily available alcohol was despite national Prohibition and how hard it is to dictate human nature.  A widespread criminal underground made alcohol easy to purchase in places like dancing halls and contributed to increased violence and racketeering.


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